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Life as a clerk is a crucial period of character development. Many aspects of medical ministry can influence the life paradigm of clerks as they begin to enter alumni life. Testimonies from other clerks and residents in training, as well as the lived out example from senior consultants within the hospital as they teach and practice their profession have a significant impact on these clerks. At the same time, clerks in the hospital are usually far from the reach of their spiritual brothers/sisters and campus ministry which had previously been a safe shelter prior to commencing clinical rotations.

Amidst this hospital frenzy, there is a need for clerks to take care of their relationship with God and to keep their professional vision and perspective on the right track. They also need to develop a sense of how to be under God’s guidance during their career progression in the medical world. It will be a significant loss if they fall into a world of ungodly living and lose their vision and sense of life calling, failing to realize the mission that God has entrusted to this noble profession.

This Bible study guide “Doctors after God’s own heart” was designed to meet the needs of clerks and medical alumni. This book is expected to facilitate a relevant discussion from God’s word regarding the spiritual struggles in their clinical life. It is expected that clerks and medical alumni will not only withstand the challenges, but also come to realize that this clinical period is a time that molds them into becoming doctors after God’s own heart which will testify of God’s glory within the field of medicine!

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